Javascript Mie scattering calculator

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See also: light version (installable on mobile devices) and calculator for core-shell spheres.



λmin : nm, λmax : nm
Interpolation of the optical constants: none , linear or monotone cubic , step : nm

embedding medium

User-defined material

The first three columns of each line are interpreted as the wavelength in nanometer, n and k. Other columns and dubious lines are ignored.

first column nm μm Å eV cm-1



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Extinction and scattering spectra can be calculated from this page using the Mie theory. The sphere dimension and composition and the refractive index of the embedding medium can be chosen. Qext, Qabs and Qsca are calculated. They are the extinction, absorption and scattering cross-sections divided by πR2 where R is the radius of the sphere.

You can zoom the plot by selecting a rectangle and zoom out using the lower left icon. The plot can also be resized using the lower right icon. The calculated values are available when clicking the DAT icon.

Some optical constants are pre-defined but you can enter your own ones. For example, you can visit, choose the material you are interested in and download the data by using the “Full database record” link. Then click the “user-defined” box above and paste the data. Finally select the correct unit for the first column and click the “Apply” button.