Vibrations of nanowires having the orthorhombic symmetry

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This page allows to calculate the vibration frequencies of nanowires having the orthorhombic symmetry. Their shape and elastic properties are unchanged by all the symmetry operations of a right rectangular prism. To run a calculation, you first have to define the shape and size of the nanowire. The 3D view of the cross-section is updated immediately. Then choose the elastic properties, the wavevector (Q), the branches of interest and click the “Run!” button.

Superellipses have shapes intermediate between ellipses and rectangles. Their are exactly ellipses for nx=ny=2 and tend to right rectangles when nx and ny tend to infinity.

After the calculation is finished, the frequencies are displayed in a table. Clicking a line in this table will show the corresponding deformation of the cross-section of the nanowire.

If you find this calculator useful, you may want to cite the following paper: Phys. Rev. B 97, 155420 (2018)